RES ONE Service Store 2016 Basic Course

Course information
Prijs: € 1.695,00 (excl. BTW)
Duur: 3
Cursuscode: ROSSBC
Global Training Credits: 22 (incl. BTW)


The RES ONE Service Store 2016 Basic Course (ROSSBC-800) is a three-day course that provides comprehensive training for administrators on the installation, configuration and use of RES ONE Service Store. It does not provide training on designing business processes.



RES ONE Automation 2015 SR4 Basic Course (ROABC-750)



  •  About this Course
  • About RES ONE Service Store
  • Installation and Setup, including administrative roles and licensing 
  • The Organizational Structure
  • External Data Sources
  • The Service Catalog
  • Placeholders and Functions
  • Smart rules
  • Management and Administration, including the transaction safeguard, branding and self-service password management
  • Integration with RES ONE Workspace and RES ONE Automation, including Service Templates and Servce Pubications



Administrators who perform computer management with RES ONE Automation in Microsoft Windows environments and who want to learn how they can implement self-servicing and automatic service delivery in their organization.


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